In an era that is extremely health conscious, one of the most important things that validate any business dealing with food is how safe the products are. Organizations such as the FDA (Food Drug Administration) were established to ensure that the products going into the consumer market are free from any contaminants. The chia seeds business also operates under similar restrictions.

In 2014 there was a world-wide breakout of Salmonella—a leading cause of bacterial food borne illness—in chia powder. Conventional methods of cleaning the chia seeds could not eliminate these bacteria. The year saw a drastic hit on the chia market as producers scrambled to search for ways of eliminating the dangerous bacteria in the chia seeds.

In 2019, another dangerous contaminant hit the chia seed market. This time it was a fungus known as aflatoxins which are poisonous carcinogens and mutagens. Consequently, the price of chia seeds plummeted and only the producers who had machines able to eliminate these fungi thrived. Godson Group is in possession of such state-of-the-art machines. The company boasts of an Ozone machine and a microwave technology machine that ensures rigorous cleaning so that the end product is completely free from any contaminants.

In this article, you are going to learn how the two machines work hand in hand with the other conventional machines to produce a high purity and quality product. According to a study by scientists in the University of Purdue, US, ozone gas has the ability to not only eliminate any contaminants but also increase the quality of the grains or seeds. This cost effective and eco-friendly processing technique is especially effective in eliminating aflatoxins and has been approved by the US FDA. Ozone is the gas that forms the ozone layer and although many experts dispute on whether it should be exposed to humans, majority agrees that it can be used to disinfect seeds and grains. This is because it has a short half-life and does not last long on the grains or seeds. Ozone treatment is not a new technology and has been widely used as an efficient anti-microbial agent in the food industry.

All our seeds are treated with the ozone gas before being shipped to the consumer market. Ozone treatment also maintains the organic nature of the seeds and is preferred to traditional fumigants. Additionally, it does not affect the nutritional or metabolic qualities of the substances it is exposed to. Just like ozone, a benefit of microwave technology is the ability to clean the product without leaving any undesirable residues. Microwave technology is equally considered a competitive and safe eco- friendly method of disinfecting seeds and grains. Microwaves are invisible electromagnetic waves with varying wavelengths. Passing the seeds or grains through microwaves eliminates any trace of unwanted contaminants and does not leave any chemical residue. These consumer friendly and safe methods of disinfection are in effect in Godson commodities for all our products. We strive to ensure that our end nutritious products are completely safe and do not bring you any health complications. Even in this health conscious era, our goal remains to bring you products that meet all the international health regulations.