Godson group is a social business set up to improve farmer’s livelihood brought promotion of organic farming of nutritional crops for the export markets of Europe, USA and all around the world.

We are currently working with over 10,000 marginalized small holder farmers with current income levels of less than 1USD per day.

Our objective is to transform their livelihood through participation in higher income value chains with an aim of creating self employment in agriculture and improve their income levels to above 5USD per day.

We also strive to create sustainable supply chains in agri-produce (from farm to plate)

We are devoted to changing the livelihoods of the marginalized small-holder farmers in Africa as a whole.

We are also committed in fulfilling our international client’s demands both in terms of quality and quantity.

Our Mission

To offer inclusive, agro-based extension services and solutions that socially and economically empower farmers, transform livelihoods, give dignity and expand opportunities.

Our Vision

To be the champion of the agro-based, socio-economic prosperity of the people of Africa – Turning Uganda Organic !!

Our Beliefs

We exist to transform the lives and livelihoods of our people socially and economically by enabling the rural farmers to fairly participate in nutritional foods value chains in the international market

Our Values


Unity of purpose

Respect for individual